SpellForce Review

Gamer’s Pulse has dished up a very favorable review of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, giving the RTS/RPG hybrid an overall score of 43/50. Their conclusion to follow:

In all honesty, I have invested more time into SpellForce: The Order of Dawn than Warcraft III and Age of Mythology combined. That said, SpellForce is a title that deserves credit for breaking the cookie-cutter mold that RTS games have fallen into. Even maps with simple goals can turn into endeavors that last for hours, if you take time to smell the roses and just enjoy playing with powerful, fully customizable avatar with the ability to raise a monstrous force. There is so much to do, build, and find including some wicked looking armor sets and over 100 spells ranging from utility to godlike. Any fan of fantasy, RPGs and/or RTS gaming would be well served to pick this title up.

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