SpellForce Preview

RPGVault has put together a preview of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn, Phenomic and JoWood’s RTS/RPG hybrid. Check it out:

Phenomic has described its game as being in the neighborhood of 70 percent real-time strategy and 30 percent RPG. Such a numerical division is certainly open to subjectivity, but it is clear that the team has successfully brought together elements from both genres. As an RPG, it would certainly be on the light side in terms of depth. As an RTS, it’s arguably similar, albeit not to the same degree. Considered as a full game, however, SpellForce – The Order of Dawn seems to exceed the sum of these parts. Based on only a partial playthrough with one character, it looks to be a cohesive fusion that is pleasing to the eye, not to difficult to learn, and most important, fun enough to continue playing and perhaps even to check out using different characters and play styles.

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