Space Siege Reviews

Two belated Space Siege reviews certainly are not behind in scathing the game. Wonderwallweb 7/10.

The actual battles though do get tedious as it’s nearly always the same thing, there are various traps that you can use, just in case you get bored of shooting, and if you do go down the genetic modifying route then you can use some rather interesting moves, but I won’t give to much away about that.

So although this game has a lot of negatives there is enough there for the beginner to cut his teeth on in the RPG world before moving onto greater games, but for a more experienced player there is nothing new here to see.

DarkZero 3/10.

As an action game, the combat system is flawed and clumsy. To sustain an attack you have to leave your mouse cursor over the enemy with the appropriate attack button held. But as is the way in space battles, lasers are flying everywhere, and every gunfight sees you dodging almost as much as shooting. Every dodge requires you to stop shooting at the enemy you have your cursor trained on, select the direction you want your character to roll in, and press the correct key. This always feels like a cumbersome and time-wasting maneuver, and becomes even more infuriating as you push through the game into the harder sections. The game is also further hindered by the absurd amount of key commands you have to get your head around, and a camera you have to control while trying to keep your cursor trained on your current target.

The only interesting aspect in the game’s repetitive combat is your robotic sidekick, HR-V (pronounced ‘˜Harvey’). He adds a second gun to your arsenal, and his stats and weaponry are just as customizable as the main character himself. But when you compare that to Dungeon Siege 2’s four-man teams, with completely differing combat roles, it’s hard to find HR-V’s company remotely impressive. Skills are purchased when the game decides to dispense a couple of skill points in correlation to an event in the story, but with very little in the way of diversity, you’re left staring at the combat skills like a stunningly ignorant Western parent in a Chinese orphanage. (What’s the difference? They all look the same.)

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