Space Siege Reviews

Surprisingly few reviews for Space Siege out there, as two more websites brave this front. gives it 70/100.

Its clumsy and not particularly intuitive either, it is a shame that Gas Powered Games didn’t spend more time in the implementation of a more sophisticated mechanic. Quite why they didn’t put their heads together and say “hey guys, if we use a WASD system for moving wouldn’t that work better?” Doh. This is further compounded by the Dodge function. You move the mouse cursor off the target and onto either side of your character. If I need to explain how dumb this idea is, then we can assume you are probably one of the developers.

Combat isn’t all bad however and there are some interesting objects in the environment to spice things up. For instance there are literally hundreds of explosive barrels and crates scattered everywhere and you can use them to damage the enemy if you time the shots correctly. A well placed barrage of shots when they walk past and BOOM, green alien blood everywhere. You can also lay down turrets or booby traps for surprise attacks. The alien AI is so appallingly bad they are all clearly programmed on “shortest, straight line path” to reach you. So the traps always prove successful.

Bright Hub gives the game a thumbs up.

Another thing that really impressed me was the equipment aspect of the game. Instead of littering the ship with items you won’t ever use, like cheap daggers and armor you constantly uncover in most fantasy games, this game lets you collect ‘upgrade parts’ that can be used to enhance weapons and armor. I thought this was an awesome way of letting the player decide how to improve the gameplay, and it doesn’t leave things up to chance when it comes to randomly generating treasure. You will also pick up a few weapons and health recharges along the way, but most of what determines your character’s power is set by the player. I like that.

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