Space Siege Review

Eurogamer adds their review of Space Siege to the pile, and they’re not impressed, giving the game an overall score of 5/10.

Or not: you can refuse the upgrades and thus stay in touch with your sensitive side. Trouble is that, as an extension of Gas Powered Game’s ongoing philosophy of streamlining RPG memes, there are almost no other decisions to make in the game. Levelling up happens at pre-ordained plot points, new powers and weapons are similarly handed out at prescribed locations and all loot is composited into generic ‘upgrade components’. You do get to distribute skill points across an array of stat boosts, but it’s rare that you’ll notice any significant variance from doing so.

So, when you’re presented with a new cybernetic upgrade, of course you’re going to install it, as it’s the only thing that’ll change your character’s appearance, the only thing that feels like you’re actually deciding something for yourself. My humanity be damned: big robot legs are the only thing still holding my interest. As it is, the effects of my cyber-decisions are relatively minimal, its meaningful effects topping out at denying me access to two skills and altering the voice-over in the ending cinematic. Oh, the sleep I’ll lose wondering what the other voice-over is (clue – none). The one really significant choice in the game is unrelated to whether or not I’ve stuck a computer into my head, and is hilariously presented as a giant YES/NO box. Without spoiling the ahahahah plot, the question is essentially “are you evil, yes/no?” As easy to change the nature of a man as that, huh?

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