Space Siege Preview

1UP is next in line with a hands-on preview of Space Siege that goes slightly beyond what we saw in the game’s demo.

In the Dungeon Siege games that preceded the more action-focused Space Siege, you were often managing a large group of characters, all with their own powers and abilities, and many people liked to pause the action to issue orders. Space Siege keeps the action constant, and because you only control your main character and his robotic sidekick, it is a lot more manageable to play it in real time — no need to hit pause. Your partner is mostly autonomous, allowing you to play your character like you would a character in Diablo or any MMORPG and focus on casting spells and dodging enemy attacks that come at you.

What surprised me most about the first few hours of Space Siege — as opposed to the demo — was that I actually found the story relatively engrossing. The demo didn’t have time to even start to plant the seeds of plot that I can now see developing into some pretty awesome twists much later in the game. Action-RPG fans — and especially those of you who appreciate some sci-fi — should definitely check out the demo as well as our review of the final game when it releases next week.

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