Space Siege E3 Preview

The crew at IGN brings us the first E3 preview of SEGA and Gas Powered Games’ sci-fi action RPG Space Siege.

Seth will also be able to upgrade his own abilities and weapons by using parts looted from his enemies. Simply by using a workbench, Seth can add to the speed or accuracy or damage potential of his many weapons and can even build entirely new items like health kits, turrets, mines and others.

One of the cooler features we saw today was the new cybernetic system. Throughout the course of the game, Seth will face greater and greater challenges and it’s likely that the player will be tempted to use cybernetic implants just to stay competitive. You may begin by simply replacing an eye to get better skill with your weapons, but once you start down the road of cybernetics, you probably won’t stop until you’ve rebuilt your entire body from head to toe. And since the implants are permanent, you’ll need to question whether or not you really want to sacrifice your humanity just to gain an edge on the competition.

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