Sorcerer King: Rivals Screenshots, Let’s Play, and Preview

Stardock’s Brad Wardell has been busy sharing various assets and other tidbits of information for Sorcerer King: Rivals on his Facebook feed as we move closer to the strategy/RPG follow-up’s release tomorrow, including a set of four new screenshots and a nearly 44-minute “Let’s Play” video that he published on their YouTube channel. Check it out:

Finally, he points us to a brief preview on Gameranx that likens its Steamworks integration to BioWare’s Neverwinter Nights:

Neverwinter Nights had some incredibly versatile campaign-creation tools. Remember those? Well, Stardock’s upcoming 4X strategy game Sorcerer King: Rivals will include all the tools you need to create your own RPGs and share them with everyone else—minus any of the hassle players had to put up with in NWN and other games thanks to Steamworks.

This fantasy 4X game allows players to design their own classic RPG by stripping out the factions and city/unit building and focus entirely on characters and storybuilding.

As for Rivals, it’s Stardock’s follow-up to last year’s Sorcerer King—the God Game in which players, who are the surviving wizards in a world already conquered by someone who’s essentially the Master of Magic. They’re the only individuals left standing in the way of the titular character and his quest for godhood.

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