Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Reviews

The new week brings us a couple more reviews of BioWare’s Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and they’re both pretty enthusiastic. Thunderbolt leads us off with a 8/10:

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood will likely run you anywhere from 25-30 hours of gameplay on your first playthrough, and there are enough sidequests and collectable Chao to warrant additional stabs at the game. It’s a bit formulaic in its design, but levels are a nice slice of gaming on the go that require almost no level grinding. The story, though perhaps geared toward younger gamers, is interesting and enjoyable. Battles are mildly addictive, though the lack of any connection between the combat micro games and music greatly reduces the level of satisfaction you get from playing them it’s probably the game’s greatest shortcoming. Nonetheless, Bioware got a lot right with Sonic Chronicles. They offer an RPG experience that’s been trimmed of almost all the fat, and I look forward to a possible sequel.

And then there’s Zentendo with a 9/10:

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a welcome return of a quality Sonic title that brings back memories of first playing Sonic 1 on the Sega Mega Drive. With great graphics, great gameplay and a developed storyline that’s not overly serious, Sonic’s a great addition to all gamers. The only downside is the somewhat odd battle system.

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