Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Reviews

A couple more reviews of BioWare’s Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood reach us before the weekend kicks off. First up is UGO Games Blog with a score of “B+”:

This is a fantastic hand held RPG. I even don’t mind the complete dependence on stylus input, something that me and my giant man-paws have had issue with in the past. The battles are difficult. Let me say that again, the battles are difficult. They require planning to the point where this is almost a strategy title. Which I love. Our boys at Bioware did not let us down. Now, will Brotherhood be mentioned in the same breath as some of their other heavyweights like Baldur, Neverwinter, KOTOR, or Mass? It might be a bit too cutesy for that level of praise, all I know is I can’t put it down.

And then there’s GameDaily with a score of 7/10:

None of this is to imply that Sonic Chronicles is a terrible game. It’s a mediocre RPG that is wrapped in a delightful exterior intended to warm our hearts with nostalgia, and it succeeds in doing that. It’s a lengthy quest for a portable RPG, although we would have loved to explore more areas, and it’s fairly accessible to players of all ages. We’re afraid that since BioWare rarely works on sequels that this might be the best this ever gets (assuming Sega were to make a sequel), so we’ll take what we can get: a decent fresh take on the Sonic franchise that you’ll have fun with while it lasts, but that does little to heal the wounds of Sonic’s tattered past.

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