Songs of Conquest Update v0.78.4 Available

A new early access update for Songs of Conquest is here, featuring some updates for the game’s Battlegrounds mode, a series of optimization improvements, new UI scaling functionality, numerous bug fixes, and more. Here’s a video overview of the new stuff:

And the actual changelog:

See the video for a quick summary of the most important new features. But you can also read the full pacth notes below! Overall the sprint has been good and we are happy to give you three brand new official maps to play. There have also been a lot of quality of life improvements for the Battlegrounds mode (turn timer, I’m looking at you!) as well as AI-improvements.

Overall, good stuff, and much more to come. Please leave a comment and say hi to the team, ask a question or just leave praise, if that is your thing!

Take care and see you in about a month!

CHANGELOG V0.78.4 – OCTOBER 17, 2022


  • Added deployment to Battlegrounds
  • Added turn timer to Battlegrounds
  • Time allowed per turn is normally 2 minutes. If you time out, you will only have 10 seconds to perform your next turn. Any time you end a turn yourself, you are back to having 2 minutes per turn
  • Added option to scale up HUD (“Large HUD” in Video options)
  • Added additional tooltips to show currently equipped artifact next to inspected artifact
  • Added three skirmish maps
  • Small map, 2 players “Calm Before the Storm”
  • Small map, 2 players “Small Beginnings”
  • XL map, 8 player “Hate for Eight”

Gameplay changes

  • Improved death animation curve for Spectres and Seneschals
  • Lower intensity of Entangle effect light
  • Remove notifications older than 5 rounds

Bug fixes

  • Restores HUD when closing inventory using UI button
  • Closes purchasing menus when attacked during a simultaneous turns online game
  • Fixed bug where game could end up soft-locked in battle when the last troops on one side where killed by Chain Lightning
  • Fixed bug where ability sounds were not played for opponents in multiplayer battle
  • Fixed bug where two players could init battle at the same time in a simultaneous turns online game
  • Trigger main menu music if returning to battlegrounds army select after battle
  • Hide pause menu, codex and kingdom menus if attacked in multiplayer
  • Fixed songs “Fear No Foe”, “Stoutheart Shall Stand” and “The Coin In My Hand” not applying all of their buffs to friendly troops


  • Fixed bug in Army Creator when dropping a troop on an already occupied troop slot the previous troop value is refunded correctly
  • Fixed bug in Army Creator when setting troop size to 0 did not delete the troop on cancel


  • Added clearer selected state to Kingdom Overview menus (Building overview, Troop overview, Research and Marketplace)
  • Hid locked troop slots in Trading menu
  • Increased font size for the smallest text areas
  • Reworked town list tooltips and construction UX. Construction animation is now shown when the town is working at max capacity instead of when one building is being constructed in case the player has researched the option to build multiple buildings at the same time.


  • Changed explore/map entity scoring to increase chance of claiming resource generators
  • Added dynamic data caches to most adventure related calculations the AI makes per think loop
  • Tweaked the Battle AI Target selection to be less predictable and more balanced


  • Major improvements to performance when wielders move around

Known Issues

  • Sim-turns is at version 0.1
  • Co-Op (Teams) is at version 0.1
  • Balance changes are upcoming
  • All traits and abilities for troops are not yet implemented
  • Camera in adventure is not working as intended
  • Battle AI Ranged troop movement is suboptimal
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