Songs of Conquest Gets Random Maps

The developers over at Lavapotion have put together a new early access update for Songs of Conquest that tweaks the game’s balance, introduces some new quality of life features and improves the game’s AI. But more importantly, it adds the much requested random map generator to the game.

Here’s more on that:

Greetings Wielders! It’s approaching winter here in Sweden and while we are getting chilled by the northern winds, we want to present something that truly warms our hearts: The Random Map Generator. We hope it will bring you endless hours of joy and increase the replayability of the game by a lot.

Interestingly none of the team members at Lavapotion foresaw that the Random Map Generator would be a highly requested feature. We thought that there would be a bigger interest in handcrafted maps. Boy, were we wrong!

We are happy to present our first iteration of this highly anticipated feature. It will be improved upon further and we want to take your feedback into consideration. So, go on, give it a try and let us know what you think!

But that’s not all. Oh no, we have lots more content, improvements, and features for you in this update.

Carl has for a long time been working on a big rebalancing of all factions.This means that troop costs have changed, stats have been modified and you will have to reconsider a few tried and tested tactics. The full list of changes is a bit too long to comfortably share in this blog post, but they are included in the patch notes below and we hope to either create a video about it or post a separate blog post later on. I’m sure Carl is excited to get right back to this balance work as soon as we update the game with more unit traits and abilities!

We are also happy to announce that we have extended our AI development team with Niklas, who most recently worked as AI Lead for Paradox Interactive. He and Marcus are now hard at work continuing to improve the AI, so watch out Cyberdyne systems! (It’s a Terminator reference for all you Zoomer strategy gamers out there). If you check out the full patch notes, you’ll see that they have been quite busy and a few highlights include further optimization and adventure and battle behavior improvements.

Our “Look and feel” team which pretty much focuses on the UI and UX of the game have been optimizing and changing how a player (and Wielder) interacts with the town. The whole Defence system and UI have been given a visual overhaul that hopefully makes the user journey much more explanatory and pleasant when you want to stash a Wielder inside a town and defend it.

Another highly requested feature is the multiplayer turn timer. Robin has been working on it to hopefully make it exhaustive and flexible for all your needs. But as with all new features we expect to iterate further upon it if needed. So let us know if it has what you are looking for in a modern turn timer of this day and age.

We are also adding two more skirmish maps with this update. Eye for an Eye is a tight little map 1v1 PVP style. Get into the action quickly or get wiped out! Lion’s Den is quite the opposite, an extra large map for 8 players. It should give you plenty of time to enjoy the atmosphere and zone out until you get wiped out, at least if you play as I do!

The Battlegrounds have also gotten a few new base armies and Wielders. Expect some of your previous army creations to be void due to the big rebalancing.

And to all of our players from Japan we are happy to say ようこそ! The game is now available in Japanese as well.

We will be back with another update before the year is over. See you all then and have fun trying out the Random Map Generator!

/Lord Querkius and Team Lavapotion

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