Skyrim Together Reborn Mod Available

Seeing how at this point you can play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on just about anything, the next logical step is to play it with some friends. Which you can now do thanks to the Skyrim Reborn Together mod.

Check out this PC Gamer article if you’d like to know how this thing works and if it works at all. Here’s a quick excerpt to get you started:

We met each other in Riverwood and jaunted off to classic first dungeon Bleak Falls Barrow to retrieve yon golden claw from the clutches of bandits, spiders, and draugr. On the way, we did find a bandit in the overworld that attacked my partner, but was invisible and intangible to me. Once inside the dungeon, though, things were smoother. It was a bit of a toss-up in each combat encounter how Skyrim’s AI would handle the both of us. Occasionally my partner got entirely ignored by enemies who chased me, presumably because I was the quest holder.

That worked in my favor. Skyrim’s melee combat turned out to be a bit more deadly without the ability to enter a menu and scarf a healing potion, skeever leg, and stew while a draugr’s axe is paused in the air an inch from my face. A bit of AI merry-go-round the dungeon pillars with a giant spider was much needed without pause-scumming.

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