Silverfall: Earth Awakening Retail Release

Ascaron Entertainment sent us over a press release this morning announcing that Monte Cristo’s Silverfall: Earth Awakening is now available at retail stores. This follows its previous release on Steam:



Silverfall Earth Awakening, the new fantasy RPG for PC from Ascaron and Monte Cristo Games is available to buy in stores today. A stand alone extension for Silverfall, this exciting action game takes place in a mysterious fantasy world. Whilst travelling across the unknown territories of Nelwë, players will need to battle with an impressive array of formidable creatures in order to save the realm.

To accompany the launch of Silverfall Earth Awakening, assets have been released that show gameplay, characters and the beautiful environments of the magical kingdom of Nelwë. The variety of environments in the game can be seen as the setting of a picturesque village built on a peaceful lake contrasts with one of blazing fire, spilt blood and a vicious battle with a monstrous creature.

Players can choose to play as one of six races – Humans, Elves, Goblins, Trolls and two new tribes, the stocky Dwarves and treacherous Lizardmen. Each race has skills specific only to them. Humans will quickly adapt to their surroundings, skilled with magic and weapons, whilst Lizardmen are agile and fast to react.

There are over 150 skills and magic spells to be mastered including 8 ‘˜Ultimate’ and 12 unique ‘˜High Level’ skills used to cause devastating effects. Players can also use object crafting skills to create armour, weapons and enchantments. A special crafting tool creates thousands of items by combining shapes, textures, colours and types of magic. Players can completely customise their equipment, design weapons for other players and exchange certain items when in multiplayer mode.

Fast facts:
Developer and Publisher: Monte Cristo
Distributor: Ascaron Entertainment
Release date: 15th August 2008
PEGI: 16+
Format: PC
Genre: Hack’n’Slash

About Monte Cristo
Created in 1995 Monte Cristo is a leading game production company with over a decade of experience, having successfully published 30 games worldwide. Backed by leading international venture capitalists, we are currently focusing a team of over 80 people on the development of CITIES XLâ„¢ which merges video gaming with social networking and virtual worlds.

About Ascaron Entertainment
From Day One in 1989 Ascaron Entertainment has become one of the leading European (boutique) developers and Publishers of games for the PC, with many successful titles including Patrician, Port Royale, DarkStar One and SACRED.

Ascaron maintains development studios in Berlin, Gutersloh and Aachen (Germany), as well as an international department in Birmingham (UK). Ascaron currently markets its products in more than 40 countries and over 15 languages.

Ascaron Entertainment (UK) is an independent office and is highly regarded on a domestic and global scale. With a professional reputation, full-service product management, and a wealth of experience in the games industry, the UK operation manages the international releases of Ascaron’s entire catalogue, whilst also providing a bespoke publishing, sales, PR and marketing function to selected affiliate label partners. Ascaron Entertainment (UK) continues to be responsible for successfully launching titles into the UK market from developers and publishers worldwide. Titles include the popular UFO, Panzers, Cossacks and Blitzkrieg series of games, as well as critically acclaimed hits such as Call of Juarez, Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle and TrackMania United.

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