Silent Storm Review

RPGVault has posted a review of Silent Storm, and although they don’t post a final score, they give the tactical strategy/role-playing game a positive review overall. Their conclusion:

By any standard, Silent Storm is an involving and detailed take on infantry combat, encompassing a lengthy brace of campaigns that should engross grognards, desktop strategists – and perhaps to a somewhat lesser extent, role-playing enthusiasts – for many hours of play. With an interface that is simple to grasp and offers considerable scope for varied tactics, the game is eminently accessible from the outset, yet its combination of an abundance of enemies with turn-based skirmishing makes it difficult to put down. On the downside, it is perhaps regrettable that, in light of the destructibility of the environs, usage of the vehicles found in some levels isn’t possible, as they serve mere aesthetic purpose. Also, those looking for an intricately crafted story-driven experience may be better advised to look elsewhere, as the non-linear nature of the campaign results in a somewhat disjointed feel to the plot. Regardless, Nival’s title certainly has more going in its favor than against, something that surely bodes well for Sentinels, the upcoming expansion.

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