Silent Storm Interview

RPGCodex has conducted an interview with Dmitry Zakharov, project leader for Encore and JoWood’s Silent Storm. A snippet to follow:

Q: Silent Storm features 6 “classes”: scout, sniper, soldier, grenadier, medic, and engineer. Why did you decide to go with a class-based instead of a skill-based system? What advantages the class-based system offered for Silent Storm gameplay? Is there a “must have” class?

A: Virtually, there is no (must have) class for the game. Different classes can replace each other in tasks, though professionals will naturally do their job much better. In this respect, our class system reflects real life. Although intelligence operatives specialize almost in every field, subversive squads usually have different professionals like sniper, heavy assault, medic, light assault, explosives expert and heavy weapons specialist. This was especially important for the WWII, when the weapons were bulkier and less effective, than today.

As it stands, the game goes beyond the classes and offers the fusion of RPG elements and skills. Thus, your skills and attributes grow as you use them. Throw knives and your throwing skill will grow, make accurate sniper shots and your sniping skill will improve and so on. So, you can start the game with three medic (students) and train them into bloody cut-throats, proficient with all weapons and items needed. Though appropriate classes will be a way easier and faster to train in the wake of their professions, since they have different education and initial training.

So you can say that Silent Storm employs the benefits of both class-based and skill-based systems. It makes the gameplay flexible.

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