Shadows of Undrentide Review

RPGFan has written up a review of Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide, giving the expansion an overall score of 96%. Check it out:

Neverwinter Nights was one of my favorite RPGs of 2002. In order to please me and secure my purchase of the next expansion, Hordes of the Underdark coming this November, BioWare would have to prove itself through Shadows of Undrentide. The two major areas that are different in this expansion from the first campaign is the story and the new gameplay additions. I am quite happy to report that the game shone beautifully in both these areas. While I did enjoy the first official campaign, it did not quite have all the flair that I would have liked. This plot, however, strikes me as a work of art. It is not quite up-to-par with many of the epic, story-driven RPGs that have appeared as of late, but it can certainly hold its own against the plot juggernauts. And in the event that Shadows of Undrentide fails to stand up to the story of other modern RPGs, it can certainly defeat them in the fields of gameplay. The sheer diversity, replayablility, and fun factor of SoU far exceeded my expectations. If BioWare can promise that the upcoming Hordes of the Underdark can impress me even half as much as Shadows of Undrentide, I can guarantee that I will be among the first in line to purchase it. While it may be a bit too early in the year to tell, Neverwinter Nights’ first expansion may prove to be my pick for Game of the Year.

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