Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown KS Physical Rewards Finally Going Out

While the game has been out for quite a while, it wasn’t until a week ago, when backers received this Kickstarter update, that people who pledged for Cliffhanger Productions’ Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown (only known as Shadowrun Online when the campaign started) had reassurance concerning their physical rewards. It’s going to take a while longer, but everyone who pitched for the project will get the promised physical items:

The sending out of all physical rewards has commenced – the Catalyst books are still on the way from their warehouse as are the game boxes, but for everyone else your stuff has begun to travel your way! As in IT IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE SENT TO YOU!

…phew…wheez…excuse the shouting…it’s all this excitement.

I know we taxed everyone’s patience and then some, but we persevered and I am a little proud of the fact that we did not walk away as with many other kickstarters which got into trouble. (Not so proud that we got into this mess in the first place, mind you.)

So, here we are, the journey that took years is finally nearing its end. There is still stuff to do, the NeoNet cards and printed backer portraits will be sent out separately (and manually, with love) from our end, but that is going to take a while via mail and we will start this mid-October when we have everything gathered in one large pile.

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