Shadowbane v1.0.5.4 Patch Coming Soon

The developers of Shadowbane estimate that this patch will go live next Tuesday. Here’s what they have to say about what the patch currently in testing will affect:

– Construction times have been reduced with higher ranked assets and hirelings.
– Stun powers will no longer interrupt your spells if you are currently in the stun immunity period of a previous stun.
– Users can now ‘ESCAPE’ from ‘Attempting to Login’ screen
– Cities will see upkeep costs reduced
– Double clicking the thief trainer should now show the ‘done’ button
– Items dropped on the ground in buildings should now decay
– Sheathed weapons should no longer have collision set to ‘on’


– Found and corrected a Tree of Life Auto-Destruction Bug!
– Fixed a Real-Time Guild Info reporting problem with the Chronicle of Strife
– Fixed several issues surrounding sb.exe errors during Events
– Found and fixed some gold ‘deposit’ dupes related to strong boxes.
– Many archery powers should now work with the crossbow equipped.

– Fixed several PC Client crashes
– Fixed numerous OSX Client Crashes
– Fixed some Login Server issues
– Corrected a severe Client Memory Leak
– Performed some graphical fixes

– Junktown in Swampstone no longer overlaps the Lizard ruins
– Minotaur Ancient should not spawn inside a pillar now
– Low level mobs should no longer have high level armor.
– Fixed Rare NPC deeds that were including bad shield smiths
– Bandits in Bandit wetland were spawning in water
– Bowyer in KC was standing in feed store
– Leatherworker in KC was in bookstore

– Players should no longer get stuck while teleporting.
– All HUDs should now update dynamically
– Guild invite/reject messages should now be shown
– Beta players should be able to import their old hotkeys
– Scroll bar should now function in ranger ‘track’ dialogue

– Fixed an issue with GeForce 4 cards that displayed Magenta HUD border
– Can now use scroll bar inside guild promote/demote window.
– The key binding will no longer get locked when assigned too many keys
– Sage created scepters will now show up in buy menu
– Error message will now display when transferring items from bank to inventory when inventory is full

– City Description should now remain in UI after server shutdown/crash
– Fixed a crash related to DirectSound Buffer
– Sub-Guild list should show more than 10 guild entries at a time
– The names and health bar in the small group HUD should not dim when transparent.
– It is no longer possible to get stuck while floating in the air

– Fixed some Game Server Crashes on Mourning, Deception, and War.
– Fixed a crash from activating the Amazon guild charter
– Fixed some Character file corruptions
– Closed an exploit allowing thieves to ‘steal’ in Safeholds
– Players should no longer get disconnected from their accounts when they select ‘Leave World’.
– Players can no longer force other players to sit using exploits

– Sub-guilds will no longer be listed as a province in a Nation’s sub-guild list after losing TOL
– Several deeds were missing from rank 7 stewards, this should be fixed
– Vendor Production Slots are no longer limited to 2 despite their rank because of scroll bar, this is now fixed.
– Guilds can now place a new TOL after their first TOL is destroyed
– Guild leader’s heraldry should now properly update
– The $&?@ Profanity Filter should be working properly now =)


– We are adding powers for thrown weapon mastery
– Merchants will now account for item damage (durability) when listing items for sell
– Vorringard: Lots of refurnishing and fixes.
– Enabled the Nvidia meshcache option

By: Vosx

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