Shadowbane Preview

For those that celebrate Christmas, here on this Christmas Eve Eve, the 23rd, some Shadowbane news. A 2 page preview from of this guild-centric MMORPG, including about 8 screenshots (I don’t think they are new but could be wrong). A mini-scoop from the preview:

More powerful guilds can upgrade their shops, strengthen their army and increase the city defenses. The guild is this way a unity, in which the people stay together because of their common interests and similar professions. After the initial growing, the completely formed guild may create its own kingdom or indeed even a so-called city-state. This unity will consist of cunning leadership guilds, say 35 members, 5 of those – local leadership guilds. This guild must have strong and reliable sub guilds to form a city-state. For instance, it can be a ‘guild of warriors’ (another 30 members) assuring the safety of the towns and the military strength of the entire state. The friendly neighborhood relations among the guilds can be achieved through diplomacy or maybe territorial and resource compensation. Now you need a cooperation with say a ‘rouge-archer guild’ to ensure you new information and the exploring and scouting for new territories. Maintain this unity by the famous so-called 3D rule and that’s democracy, diplomacy, and dineros. What follows is a nice ‘little’ thriving empire (OHH man, I can’t wait for this baby to come out!).

Did you know about GameBanshee’s full-featured Shadowbane Nest? A world of info can be found there.

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