Sacred Reviews

Another small handful of reviews for Ascaron’s Sacred have surfaced around the web. The first is at PC Gaming with an overall score of 4/5:

Another nice addition is the ability to buy a horse to cut down travel time and introduce a new element to close-quarter battles. While it’s fun to stick your fighter on the back of a nag though, in practice the horses are little use in a rumble. And this is really the game’s weakest point. For a world built for battle, the fights themselves are singularly disappointing. Baddies are often too easy to beat and once you’ve decided on a favorite move, you’ll find there’s little reason to do anything else. A little more planning by the designers might have given the monsters more variety and the fights a bigger challenge.

Multiplayer options allow you to join three friends to fight the main game or you can indulge your bloodlust in a 16-player duels. But it’s hard to see what a death and dungeon fan would find in Sacred that they don’t already have in spades in Diablo.

The second is at WorthPlaying with an overall score of 8.5/10:

In the final analysis, Sacred is a hit. Its massive world, open-ended feel, deep arsenal, vast array of quests, epic story, good graphics/sound and addictive combat adds up to a game worth buying. It lacks some polish but the developers seem hard at work on rectifying that. My guess is that when they finally release the last patch you’ll be looking at a sleeper classic. Don’t let that scare you though. The game is worth getting right now. Buy it, say goodbye to your family and load it up!

The third is at Gamer’s Depot with an overall score of 4/6:

All in all, Sacred was a fun title to bust through, and definitely had the (digital crack) element that its predecessors such as Diablo and Dungeon Siege shared we had a blast with it, and though there were some initial hiccups here and there, Ascaron has been religiously patching it as issues have arisen. If you’re looking for a low-resource usage, stable, entertaining, and well-done journey to get your RPG fix taken care of, Sacred will definitely provide many hours of entertainment a low learning curve, solid plot, good graphics, easy-to-master controls and interface along with great game play combine in this title to make for a very enjoyable fantasy experience, and we think you’ll find yourself coming back to the land of Ancaria and the village of Bellevue time and time again.

And the fourth is at Game Revolution with an overall score of “C”:

While Sacred is a fun, addictive diversion, its relentless simplicity makes it feel like it’s not quite a full fledged game. I don’t need a complex crafting system, but I do need to feel like I have some control over my character’s abilities and destiny. As it stands, Sacred just can’t quite earn its angel’s wings.

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