Sacred Reviews

A couple more reviews for Sacred, Ascaron’s Diablo-like action RPG, have made their way to the web. The first is at Warcry with an overall score of 8.4/10:

Amidst the choppiness, this game was pretty fun overall. While it had many elements that were highly familiar to me, there were enough unique elements to keep the game fresh and fun. Horse combat, the combo system, and a near fully explorable world from the start managed to keep me entertained a lot longer than other Diablo clones. Definitely a game to pick up for the CRPG fan, and a good game for those that have never played a CRPG to learn what this whole CRPG craze is all about.

And the second is at The Dagon’s Lair with an overall score of 3/5:

Another strong point is the huge world size and its’ many non-linear quests. From the beginning, there is 70 % of the game world available, and one can directly go and explore remote regions…. if he survives it. All this makes the game very cool. If in fact the game is only hack and slash, it’s doing it well. The british tested release has gore, and it seems US citizens won’t have this chance, as the game will be censored for marketing reasons. About the multiplayer aspects, there is a cooperative scenario mode, a hack and slash game, with the complete world without the scenario, and a pvp mode.

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