Sacred Reviews

Head on over to Deadalfs and NoMansLand Network to find another pair of reviews for Ascaron’s action RPG, Sacred. The first review at Deadalfs gives the game an overall score of 7/10:

I can’t punish Sacred for not being everything I want in an RPG. It was written for a very specific audience within a fairly tight budget (If the narration and NPC interaction is anything to go by). Aside from a few balancing issues it’s a solid and engaging action adventure with an admirable feature list. It’s no KotOR, but if the Diablo fans are lapping Sacred up, it surely MUST be worth a look.

And the second at NoMansLand gives it an 83%:

Sacred doesn’t feel as polished as Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege, but the gameplay mechanics are definitely deeper than those in either of these titles, with several interesting and well implemented additions to the usual hack-and-slash formula.

The plot premise is most definitely a clichéd one, but the open-ended gameworld, lengthy singleplayer experience and solid multiplayer, coupled with very nice graphics and sound, means fans of the genre owe it to themselves to go out and get this one.

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