Sacred Reviews

With Ascaron’s Sacred now available in the US, a new pair of reviews for the game hit the web earlier today. The first is at GameSpy with a disappointing score of 2/5:

If you’re a fan of the action/RPG genre, you might find something to enjoy in Sacred, but in the end the bugs and problems simply aren’t worth the tradeoff for the few interesting ideas the game does employ. The game will need a few more patches to get up to the standards of others in its genre.

And the second is at JustRPG with a much more enthusiastic 95%:

My final review ratings of games are very subjective in nature. High ratings come from the following factors: Is it virtually impossible to stop playing before 2 am? Does my mind wander during gameplay? Do I feel a sense of urgency while playing? Do I develop some sort of attachment to my created character? Do I think about the game while away from home? Do I make notes about things to try or places to go whenever I take a respite from playing? Will I replay the game at least once? My answers to the above questions where Sacred is concerned are yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. That’s a perfect 7!

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