Sacred Reviews

Another trio of reviews for Ascaron’s Diablo-like action RPG, Sacred, can be found on the web today. The first is at GameSpot with an overall score of 7.6/10:

In comparison to some of its hack-and-slash RPG peers, Sacred is in some ways definitely a deeper RPG than Dungeon Siege or Diablo, since it’s less linear and quests are more frequent and varied, but its gameplay isn’t as polished as in those games. Sacred is a welcome addition to the genre that distinguishes itself by incorporating a few novel gameplay tweaks. However, the game’s success is ultimately limited by an unrewarding character development system and by combat that is too frequently tedious rather than engaging.

And the second is at Gamer’s Pulse with an overall score of 29/50:

The promise of a brand-new, energizing point and click role-playing experience simply goes unfulfilled with the release of Sacred. A poor replication of role-playing elements seen in better games, Sacred attempts to revitalize a once populat genre that is slowly waning. Monotonous combat, a lackluster story, and poor visuals are countered by moderately intriguing characters; however, this isn’t nearly enough to salvage the game. Quite simply, Sacred treads upon the ground better games have walked, remaining soundly in their shadows.

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