Sacred Reviews

Two new reviews for Sacred, Ascaron’s recently released action RPG, made their way to the web over the last couple of days. The first can be found at GamesDomain with an overall score of 8/10:

Sacred takes the best elements from the RPG genre and fuses them with a great deal of style. The polish, attention to detail, and obvious love that went into this game makes up for its minor shortcomings. It’s perfect for Diablo fans burned out on the classic.

And the second is over at PlayXcess with an overall score of 8/10 as well:

Whilst the PC rides high on an RPG sea, much of the ocean is average and derivative. Although Sacred is not the most original and genre-bending RPG, it does have a goodly amount of clever and subtle ideas that make the game a deep, vast and enjoyable experience. The roster of characters is innovative, and the depth of character development very accomplished. Most importantly, Sacred places very few restrictions on where you can travel in the game, and rarely is there an invisible hand forcing you through events at a pace of the developers’ choosing, not the player’s. True, there are glitches and niggles, and the combat could be a little tighter and more tactical, but this is like being given a delicious cake and remonstrating the lack of currants. Sacred is the perfect name for this game, as it deserves both your praise and worship. As well as your money.

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