Sacred Preview

The Wargamer has put together a preview of Sacred, the upcoming Diablo-like action RPG from Ascaron Entertainment. A snippet:

Some of the quests suffer slightly from the lack of spoken dialogue. I don’t know if this is going to be a feature in the final game I doubt it since that’s a big undertaking to make but its incorporation would have added more to the depth of the game. As it is, some of the dialogue is not much more immersive than adventure gaming from several years past, what with a small amount of dialogue presented and the player given the choice to ‘˜Accept’ or ‘˜Reject.’ It would have been very nice to have some of these conversations take different routes, with multiple answers possible along different dialogue paths. As it stands now, the player is essentially spoon-fed all information without being given the chance to react or take a personal investment in the proceeding story. And, the ability to play an evil character is lessened as most of the quests revolve around doing good deeds. Not that this is in and of itself a bad thing after all, good adventure gaming usually means a party of good-hearted underdogs versus Some Evil Menaceâ„¢ but, having that choice of good versus evil approach makes for a richer game experience.

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