Sacred Interview

RPGDot has conducted an interview with Ascaron Entertainment’s Michael Bhatty, talking with the designer about their upcoming action RPG, Sacred. Check it out:

Q: How important is Sacred´s story? What did you do to make it really interesting?

A: The story of SACRED supports its nature of being an action-RPG and therefore it will lead the gamer through a series of events, which are intertwined. As a big fan of Hollywood action an being an academic admirer of Anglo-Saxon and American literature I chose to write a very cinematic structured storyline, referring to Anglo-Saxon mythology and history.

We start with a plot every fan of sword and sorcery fantasy knows and (usually) loves: The evil necromant Shaddar conjures a Sakarra-demon, a demonic Lord of the Realms of Dead, but due to his arrogance (he’s not checking a flawed magic circle one of his servants accidentally damages) the demon got free and turns against the mage…

So far so good, but here our story really starts, as this events start a series of orc wars, rebellion in our kingdom, political intrigues of several border barons and nobles, the dark elves, who obliterated the dwarves long ago and occupy some cut-of-part of the kingdom, we have the exiled mages, who are succumbed by a sect, serving the cult of Sakarra and much more.

When we start the game, we have to uncover more and more of the plot, because the demon ravaging the world has a goal of its own. But unfortunately, in its wake this lord of hell raises the long forgotten dead. While one part of the story line focuses on the rebellion against a militaristic throne robber, the other part displays hordes of undead, conquering the realm of men.

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