Sacred Impressions

RPGVault has put together a preview of Sacred, based upon a press copy of the action RPG. An excerpt:

Advancement in levels is based on experience gained by defeating enemies and completing quests, with the former seeming to be the far larger source. A second aspect involves the aforementioned combat arts. Each character begins with one, and a single interface slot in which to equip it. When you reach certain levels, you gain additional spaces, which can be filled using rune-like objects you find. Leveling up happens quite quickly early on, so you can gain half a dozen or more, which also give you a pair of new slots, within a couple of hours or so, and possibly faster if you focus on it. Enemies are pretty straightforward so far, with humans, wolves, goblins et al. From the preview build played previously, it’s known that there are more impressive ones later in the game. I just haven’t gotten to them yet. The opponent AI seems quite standard; if you get within a certain distance, they attack, and if you run far enough, they stop chasing. In quite a few instances, you’ll encounter groups, but if you can’t handle them all at once, you can often divide and conquer by pulling one or two at a time.

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