Sacred 2: Fallen Angel GC Preview

RPGWatch offers a preview for Sacred 2 based on a viewing at the Games Convention, with two videos attached.

Each of the characters in Sacred 2 has 15 combat arts (weapon moves and spells) that are divided into three groups – called “aspects” – each representing a different style of play. For example, the Dryad has nature, voodoo and hunting aspects. She can modify each of her combat arts individually; focus on the combat arts in one aspect only or use all of the aspects. Each of the combat arts has a skill tree that allows customization of that combat art to make them last longer or increase its effect in some other way.

Objects such as weapons can be enhanced by placing runes you find in the game into the slots on them. Depending on the type of rune it will improve the effects of the weapon, such as the damage it does, or the resistance it gives. If you have the forging skill, it is possible to forge the items and weapons yourself and you won’t need to visit a blacksmith to put the runes in the slots of your weapon. Also, when you find a ring with some kind of bonus on it – a magical resistance +5 for example – you can forge out the gem from that ring and forge it into your weapon or armor instead, adding +5 to the magical resistance of that weapon.

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