Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Copy Protection Detailed

RPGWatch provides us with some details about the copy protection being used with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel by translating a German press release (and thus only confirmed for Germany as of yet).

They have chosen SecuROM, but the implementation is more customer friendly than in other recent games. Details:

* 1 box, 2 licenses
* 1 license can be used online at a time; implying you use either your PC or your notebook, but not both at the same time.
* 2 can be played via LAN
* 2 can be used for SP
* unlimited installations, 2 activations
* Activations can be revoked through multiple channels (online-auto, online tools, offline). Revoke & re-activate can be done an unlimited number of times.
* One PC component can be replaced without problems. Beyond that revoke & re-activate is the recommended procedure.
* There will be an emergency hotline for DRM issues due to failed hardware, etc. The manual page with the key serves as proof of purchase.
* The hotline will be available 365 days a year, 24 hours per day. For standard phone rates. (This may apply for Germany only.; ed.)
* Internet connection is needed during installation. The FAQ explains you can use a friend’s PC for manual activation though.
* You can play without the DVD. It´s not needed in the drive.
* No private data will be transfered during the activation process. You cannot even enter critical data.
* The activation servers will be available for the next couple of years. Should this no longer be the case, the DRM will be patched out.
* “A transfer to a third [party] is not part of the license.” (transl.)

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