Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Carrier Imp Trailer Released

Ascaron Entertainment has released a little over a minute’s worth of footage spotlighting the helpful Carrier Imp that will be obtainable by owners of the Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Collector’s Edition.

Everyone has been in this position… At the end of a huge battle, you find that great unique or set-items dropped. Unfortunately your inventory is full, and you’re out in the middle of nowhere miles away from the nearest city.

With the Carrier Imp it’s not a problem anymore! This little devil protects the players chest, and he will always find a way to drag it to you, from the lowest valley to the highest mountain peak, so you can safely store the valuable treasures found on your journey.

Every proud owner of the Sacred 2 – Collector’s Edition is entitled to get such a cheeky, little helper. This devilish helper can only be used in the Ascaron Closed net, therefore you have to activate a registration key which comes with every collector’s edition.

This type of feature really shouldn’t be limited to only certain members of the player base. It’s just way too useful.

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