Runescape Interview

RPGVault offers a 3-page interview with Runescape’s Adam Tuckwell about the MMO that “quietly” reached an astounding one million subscribers.

Jonric: How large is the player base, and what proportion subscribes? What languages are available, and are others coming?

Adam Tuckwell: We currently have over six million players who play the game every two weeks. Of this, five million are in the free game, and there are over a million subscribers to the member version. Right now, RuneScape is available in English and in German, and we are planning to launch it in a number of new languages in the next 12 months.

Jonric: Would you care to tell our readers more about your revenue model? What are the main benefits of membership?

Adam Tuckwell: The revenue model is one of the keys to the game’s success. It is free to play and enjoy for hundreds of hours, and if people want more, they can subscribe for one of the cheapest rates around, just $5.95. The key benefits include access to the entire world, more quests and skills, member-only servers, and the ability to build their own houses.

Jonric: Why should readers consider trying RuneScape? And if they already have, are there reasons to take another look?

Adam Tuckwell: Players should try RuneScape now because there is something for everyone. If you are looking for deep adventures, developing skills, socializing with friends or simply exploring the massive world… they are all available.

For those who have played before, it is now very different. First, we launched RuneScape HD this summer, with significantly enhanced graphics that have taken the visuals to a new level. Second, we are updating the content constantly; every two weeks, there is something new. Finally, it’s free to play, so why not give it another try?

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