Rugby 2.0 Closed Beta Available

Eko Software are happy to enough that the first phase of the Rugby 2.0 Closed Beta has been made available to anyone who’s preordered the game on the PS4 and Xbox One. You’re change to scrum, pass and tackle your way through the next gen of Rugby simulations and to provide your valuable feedback is only a pre-order away.

Rugby 2.0 has been in development for around 2 years. The developers at Eko Software worked hard to ensure that the players experienced all the aspects of modern Rugby, including changes of tactics during matches. Attacking pods, after-contact passes and set plays. With the International competition charging in our direction, Rugby fans will undoubtedly love the how the essential elements are all there.

The AI has been reworked, to cram even more realism and true-to-life physics into the game. Every scrum, pass and tackle has been created via motion-capture technology, and the improved models and features such as multiple set-play options during different passages of play provide an even more positive gaming experience

The first beta phase started a few days ago, and is open to anyone who has pre-ordered the game on PS4 or Xbox One. It’s been running since the 12th but don’t worry it will be continuing until the 17th October. A further beta phase will begin from the 17th October through to early November. We’ll bring you more specific dates when we have them. Grab yourself a pre-order of the game and you can jump straight into the Closed  beta and share your opinions of Rugby 2.0 with the developers, themselves, on the official Facebook page.

The following features are available in the beta:

  • 20 national teams
  • International Tournament Mode
  • Quick Match vs AI or Local PvP
  • Online Mode against a friend or via matchmaking

Rugby 2.0 will be available from January 2020 on ps4, Xbox One and PC.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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