RPG Roundtable #2, Part Three

Part three of RPGVault’s second RPG Roundtable feature is available, with comments from LucasArts’ Mike Gallo, Obsidian Entertainment’s Chris Avellone, Gas Powered Games’ Steve Wartofsky, and more. This time, they continue to discuss character development in RPGs. Check it out:

There is a broad audience of people out there that play certain RPGs, and a game that gets too bogged down in stats and numbers may scare a lot of people away. So, it is that intricate plot and story that really keep people involved and motivated to get through the game. I would love to see how many people picked up Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and completed it versus the number of people who just playing it for a few hours. I hope that if our work paid off in the ways we intended, the finish rate would be higher than average.

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