Rogue Legacy Wandered Edition Available on iOS

The insanely popular rogue-lite game, Rogue Legacy is now available to buy on iOS. Originally released in 2013 on the PC, players loved the innovative death mechanics. If you die, all that you own and have become is passed on to your descendant. So big was its reception that it soon was ported on to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Now it’s the turn of iOS mobile devices.

Rogue Legacy is a jumping hack ‘n’ slash genealogical rogue-lite game. Which randomly generates a hero for you, upon their death, everything they were and have is passed on to your descendant, another randomly generated hero. Upon each death you never know you will become. It just goes to show, that whoever you are, you can still be the hero.

The original game was packed with 8 classes, 60 different enemies, tons of unique hero traits, an expandable skill tree, armoury loads of weapons and armour, and an Easter Bunny’s wet dream of Easter eggs to enjoy.

Wanderer Edition adds even more to this spectacular load

  • A specifically designed iOS control system
  • 2 new mini-bosses: Orias the mighty Pantheon and Barbas the Archer
  • 3 all new traits: Synesthesia leaves colours on your screen; Tactile Agnosia will have you scrambling; and being Left-Handed is just, tricky.
  • 3 new armour sets: glass, azurite, and behemoth.
  • 32 new rooms (including 2 fairy rooms) bringing the pool over 400
  • New Hedgehog Relic blessing
  • Updated bounce mechanics
  • Difficulty rebalance
  • Cloud Saving

Kenny lee, Co-Founder & Lead Programmer for Cellar Door Games says…

“The development of Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition was a product of curiosity. A trusted friend contacted us saying he knew someone who wanted to port Rogue Legacy to mobile for us. We were asked by other studios to do the port, but we always declined because we felt that the control scheme just wouldn’t be any good. But this was different because we’d be working with Caleb – and we were going to be completely hands on. So we accepted … and got to work!”

And his brother Teddy lee, Co-Founder & Lead Designer for Cellar Door Games had this to say…

“We’re often asked about where exactly Rogue Legacy came from – and how we ended up becoming indie developers in the first place. Well, my brother and I were both working menial, unfulfilling jobs a long time ago – when we had an idea: What if we made a small Flash game about a purple dude shitting himself? It was a horrible plan that did surprisingly well – but tens of millions of plays later, we still barely made any money from it. So for the next few years, we worked at our jobs by day while moonlighting as Flash game developers by night. Until one day, we left our jobs, took all of the money we saved up from our little games, and went for one last hurrah. We lived completely off the savings we made working 60-hour work weeks and emerged at the end of that tunnel with PTSD … and Rogue Legacy: a game about family, debt, and working yourself to death.”

Rogue Legacy: Wanderer Edition is out now and available for iOS for around $3.99.

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