Risen Bestiary Update

Piranha Bytes has posted another weekly bestiary update to the official Risen blog, this time profiling the ashbeast.

Ashbeasts take their name from their ash-gray pelt and the fact that they are usually found in caves and rocky recesses near volcanoes.

Once, streams of lava and rains of boulders drove them under the earth, where they were penned in for many long years, isolated from the outside world. As a result, the ashbeasts went mad. Their aggression became immeasurable, and in the eternal night, they lost their eyesight.

Therefore, they must rely on their well-developed sense of smell to find their prey and track down those poor souls who are unlucky enough to become lost in the labyrinthine caves which the beasts normally never leave. Nevertheless, when the earth shook and the temple ruins rose to the surface, the beasts were roused, and now they also roam the woods of the surface world.

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