Rise of the Argonauts Interview

TVG was able to corner Liquid Entertainment president Ed Del Castillo for a candid interview about Rise of the Argonauts.

TVG: Argonauts will face some serious competition as an RPG this autumn, most notably from Bethesda’s Fallout 3. What do you think will enable Rise of the Argonauts’ mythical story to stand out from their post-apocalyptic world?

You know, Bethesda is great, we have a lot of respect for them. They’ve certainly gotten lots of my money over the years. Fallout is a deep, classic RPG in the sense that it involves developing a character through stats, equipment management and so on. We offer something with a different flavour. We have our own, rich world but we’re also making our own stamp on the genre, streamlining a lot of the menu driven RPG play and turn based combat for an immersive, continuous, real time in-world experience. We’ve got these fantastic stories, characters that have lasted the test of time, and brutal real-time combat. And of course, it’s evidently more of a fantasy game than post-apocalyptic, so we certainly offer a different proposition and experience.

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