Rise of the Argonauts Interview

Gry.o2.pl has published another one of their screenshot-laden interviews, this time with Liquid Entertainment’s Charley Price about Rise of the Argonauts.

Klecha (Gry.o2.pl): What sort of skills will be available in Rise of the Argonauts?

Charley Price (Liquid Entertainment): As I mentioned before, each god represents a style of play, so players can choose the Aspects (our terms for god-granted abilities) that let them play the way they want to. For example, Ares is all about charging into the fray and swinging until everyone around you is dead, so he grants Jason Aspects that let him smash through shields and hurl enemies onto their backs. Apollo follows the old adage “The best offense is a good defense,” granting Jason Aspects that allow him to withstand the mightiest of blows and regenerate his health over time, as well as more direct skills, like improving Jason’s ability to use his shield offensively.

But the coolest skills Jason can earn are God Powers, in which the gods themselves lend Jason their strength. Athena can summon a great storm, triggering bolts of her father’s lightning Jason can use to his advantage. Hermes opens a gate to Tartarus, wrenching the spirits free from Jason’s enemies and leaving their torn bodies behind. Each god can grant Jason a range of God Powers, from the tactically useful to the devastatingly destructive.

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