Rise of the Argonauts E3 Preview

UGO Games Blog is still kicking up new E3 previews, with the latest one focusing on Liquid Entertainment’s Rise of the Argonauts.

Jason’s primary source of travel between islands in Rise of the Argonauts is the sailing ship Argos. Throughout the game, the ship serves as a central hub for accessing each island as well as a shop, trophy room and place of prayer. As more followers join the Argonauts Jason will always be joined by two companions while the rest remain on the boat more services become available on the Argos. Picking up Daedalus, for example, installs the inventor in the ship’s forge.

The trophy room fills slowly since each piece of treasure found in Rise of the Argonauts, weapons and armor alike, has a story attached to it. As these items are replaced by newer ones, they fill in along the walls as trophies. Anytime Jason is aboard the Argos, he can visit the trophy room to examine his treasures and hear their story once more.

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