Riftrunner Peek of the Week #12

The twelfth installment of RPGVault’s “Peek of the Week” feature for the upcoming Divine Divinity sequel is now available. This time, Larian’s Kris Taeleman talks about the disease skill. A snippet:

The skill I’ll be talking about is the disease skill. Suppose your opponent has a very strong weapon or some mighty armor. This can cause you lots of trouble in melee battle, unless you render your enemy unable to use them. This is where the disease skill can be really useful. In general, it will lower the primary statistics of the enemy. In Riftrunner, the equipped items are validated every time something changes in the item slots, statistics… of the character. This means when the statistics are lowered, an item that requires a high strength rating, for example, will suddenly be too powerful for the character, so he won’t be able to use it anymore. And maybe the weapon gave that tiny intelligence boost the character needed to wear some powerful amulet…

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