Riftrunner Interview

RPGVault has conducted an interview with Larian Studios’ Swen Vincke, project leader on the upcoming Divine Divinity sequel, Riftrunner. Check it out:

Q: What kind of combat system will Riftrunner have? In particular, what aspects have you changed from before?

A: It’s the same real-time combat system you had in Divine Divinity but there are some important changes. First of all, you now control a party of at least two characters, so that makes things a lot difference. It basically means that in the challenging combats, the pause button gets used a lot more as you give commands. Second, we changed the stats systems and combat equations quite drastically, so you’ll notice that it isn’t a hack fest anymore. I’ll not get into too much detail now as we’re still fine-tuning this, but it’s very different.

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