Realms of Torment Interview, Part One

MMO Gamer’s Hell has conducted an interview with Limitless Horizons’ Dan Antonescu, in which they ask several questions about their upcoming MMORPG, Realms of Torment. Check it out:

Q: After reading the info about blood lines and permanent death, the first thing that popped into my mind was: Do I have to die? If I do not want to die permanently, do I have to? Or is it an option given to the hard core of role players?

A: We were indeed chasing after realism in RoT, it was obvious to us that one of the main realism spoliers in a MMO was the never ending lives of player characters (not that it was the only reason which lead us to implement bloodlines.) One of the main factors which lead us to make this type of game design was observing that the vast majority of mmo players do not play with only a single character for very long. What we did with the bloodlines was allow a way to link all these characters and properly add them into the epic life of RoT’s world. We will also allow some of the best/famous/infamous characters in-game to have a longer life span, and even make some of them immortal (in terms of perma death). Adding permanent death situations to a game (IF done correctly) will only restore the lack of balance and the lack of risk vs reward in the MMO games, It will also help in greater player satisfaction.

I guess you can also say we were tired of playing all these clones in the genre and felt the need to actually attempt something more innovative. If you are looking for a truly different type of gameplay experience than you will find it in our title.

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