Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror Kickstarter Campaign Concluded, $98,992 Pledged

Spiderweb Software’s Kickstarter campaign for Queen’s Wish: The Conqueror, the first entry in the studio’s new RPG series, has successfully concluded with a total of $98,992 pledged, greatly exceeding the initial $30,000 goal.

Now, the final amount falls slightly short of the $100,000 stretch goal that was supposed to add professional sound design to the game, but with how close it is, perhaps we’ll see it fulfilled regardless. We’ll have to wait for an official statement to know for certain, but for now, here’s the latest campaign update from Jeff Vogel:

The Final Day!

We are entering the final 24 hours of the Queen’s Wish Kickstarter! We’re moving close to the $100K stretch goal, but it will be very close.

We don’t have much to add for this update. Each day, we look at how the Kickstarter is doing, smile, and then work more on Queen’s Wish. The cultures, the choices, the framework of the game system. We’re doing some historical research to look for ideas for how to structure the game world.

One of the $1000 tier backers just withdrew, so there is one more Work With Me To Design a Quest reward available. I hope someone takes it … This promises to be really interesting.

Thank you all again, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow!

– Jeff Vogel

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