Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor Update – Make-a-Dungeon

While Spiderweb Software is preparing their next development update for Queen’s Wish 2: The Tormentor, we get this one that invites the game’s backers to contribute some ideas for a dungeoneering adventure. The update is worded in a way that suggests only the game’s backers should have access to it, but since it’s currently publicly available, here’s the full thing:

Happy Holidays from Spiderweb Software! This is not a full Queen’s Wish 2 development update, which is coming in a couple weeks. (Quick summary: We’re writing the game.)

One of our stretch goals was a new storyline. We didn’t quite get there, but we were close enough that we want to do it anyway! We’re doing something different for this bonus side quest. We’re asking all our backers for ideas to help us make it!

If you want to take part, we have three requests below. We’ll use your answers to mold a new adventure. If you’re reading this, you can take part! Just answer all three questions and send your responses to queenswishgame [at] gmail.com.

1. Give three nouns to shape the adventure. They can be moods, names of monsters, colors, objects, whatever. But I will use all 3 or none at all.

2. Give one sentence that describes a game mechanic that you think is really cool.

3. Give a single line of dialogue that appears in the adventure.

Send these to queenswishgame [at] gmail.com by January 15. I will announce the winners and then make the adventure!

If you backed Queen’s Wish 2 at a level that lets you contribute ideas to the game, this is really a good time to contact us. Again, at queenswishgame [at] gmail.com.

Thank you for your support, thanks for the ideas, and let’s have some weird, exciting gaming in 2022!

– Jeff Vogel

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