Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord Reviews

It’s time to round up all of the reviews we could find for Infinite Interactive’s Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord XBLA expansion. First we have GameSpot who gives it a score of 7.0/10:

Revenge of the Plague Lord is an expensive expansion pack (especially now that the full game is only 800 Microsoft points through the Arcade Hits programme), but for fans of the game it’s a must-have. The extra achievements are a bonus, but the real value comes in trying out the new classes and relearning the game from a different viewpoint. When you throw in the human dimension of taking each of your characters to the multiplayer arena, you have a package worth downloading.

Then there’s Game Chronicles who gives it a score of 9.5/10:

When it comes to Puzzle Quest, I was already a huge fan. The new Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion pretty much safely secures Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords in my top 5 Xbox 360 LIVE Arcade Titles List. With so much added content, what’s not to love. I really enjoyed the additional storyline and all the new monsters to fightas well as the raised level cap.

Moving on to Extreme Gamer who gives it a score of 8.0/10:

Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord adds a tone of replay value to an already addictive game. The price might be a little steep for a add-on package, but when you think about how much fun you’ll have exploring the new region on the map, it feels justified. Since, Revenge of the Plague Lord doesn’t change up the gameplay elements; the new pack isn’t going to draw any new players in. Revenge of the Plague Lord is worth the purchase if you loved the original run of Puzzle Quest and want more of the same puzzle-matching action. There is definitely some value in the hunt of for the master of the plague.

Followed by Gaming Nexus who gives it a score of “B”:

Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord is a worthy expansion pack that offers enough new content to make it worthwhile for anybody who loved the original game. As a recovering Puzzle Quest addict, I found myself quickly getting back into the swing of things without any trouble. This is a perfect stopgap between the old game and future Puzzle Quest games, but the high price is going to turn a lot of casual fans of the game off. If you can get past that price you’ll find a spectacular expansion pack.

And then Game Vortex who gives it a score of 94%:

The sun will be up soon. Plague Tasters and Plague Witches will probably show up somewhere in my dreams at one point or another before I wake up again. I half-heartedly came back to this game to try a different profession. Now with the new professions and the distinct way each profession plays, I will no doubt be making many returns to this game. There are a few more achievements to work on and up. OK, just one more monster then I have to go to bed, seriously! Of course, I have been saying that for a day or so now.

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