Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord Review

Frictionless Insight has conjured up their own review of Infinite Interactive’s Puzzle Quest: Revenge of the Plague Lord, giving the XBLA-only expansion pack a score of 4/5.

In addition to starting the game over as a new class with new spells, the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion adds two major elements: the new end game that takes players up to level 60 as they face off against Antharg (the Lord of the Plague); and the major region in the southern part of the map that lets players meet with the Storm Giants and battle the night elf warlock (witch?) Araveine. The new quests add a lot of extra play. I most enjoyed facing off against the Storm Lords. The Storm Giants have spells and equipment that lets them eliminate entire columns of gems in a cascade of lightning, and by defeating them, you can earn entertaining equipment that does the same.

New quests really just add new assignments for those who want to stick with a favored character rather than just starting the game over anew. For me, the value of the expansion is in the new classes, new spells and items particularly those manifested by the Storm Giants. The updated game even makes multiplayer puzzle combat new, since players sport newer and nastier combinations of spells.

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