Pillars of Eternity Patch v3.04 Beta Version Live

While we were initially led to believe 3.03 would be the last update for Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian has published a new beta update on Steam. I’m going to transcribe the changelog so that you can quickly check what the patch fixes:

Major Bug Fixes:
(These fixes will be retroactive)

  • Brighthollow upstairs will no longer error on transition
  • Hiravias and Durance will no longer break party manager in the base game
  • Characters put into the stronghold with the Rod of Wind and Thunder will no longer break party manager in base game
  • Fighter, Confident Aim doubling on Save/Load

Bug Fixes:

  • Engagement is now broken when characters are knocked back
  • Personal ‘Total Damage Done’ no longer comes up as ‘-Infinity’
  • Multiple issues with Glittering Gauntles
  • Fixed the Nav around the adra pillar in Elmshore
  • Cape of the Cheat will now be rewarded to base and px1 players
  • Charming all enemies in a combat will no longer reset combat
  • Audio cutting out in the End Slides following the White March
  • Skeleton Wizard ‘Necrotic Lance’ set up as a ray
  • VFX that start from character heads (breath weapons, etc..) misaligned
  • Korean Loc issue with text getting cut off during Character Creation
  • Barbarian, Bash hitting multiple targets with Carnage
  • Chanter, Ancient Memory no longer deactivates after casting an Invocation
  • Cipher, Phantom Foes flanked debuff being removed when the enemy is engaged
  • Cipher, Psychic Backlash hitting the Cipher at the start of combat
  • Druid, Fire Stag *Missing gui* in the combat log
  • Druid, Infestation of Maggots now does the intended amount of damage per tic
  • Monk, Torment’s Reach no longer procs off every enemy hit
  • Priest, Seal spells no longer activate twice
  • Priest, Iconic Projection no longer bypasses DR
  • Ranger, Twinned Arrow + Driving Flight accuracy issues
  • Ranger, Powder Burns now works as intended with DR Penetration
  • Wizard, Wall of Draining no longer increases beneficial spells permanently

Balance Changes:

  • Sabre base damage will drop from 13-19 to 11-16 and are given a +20% damage mod. They should still take the ‘top damage’ slot but this change should lower them enough to encourage other options.

In case you’re willing to provide feedback concerning the patch, you’ll also be interested in knowing that there’s a contest currently ongoing on Obsidian’s forums, which includes rewards such as physical items signed by the dev team.

Some of the questions make me think Obsidian might be gearing up to launch another crowdfunding campaign for a Pillars of Eternity sequel or something along those lines. Another reason I suspect that’s the case is that the image used to share the patch notes includes some completely new art. Wasteland 3 launched recently on Fig, and I imagine Pillars of Eternity II or whatever Obsidian is working on might follow either later this year or early next year. Keep in mind this is entirely speculation on my part, though.

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