Phoenix Point Update – Distinguished Havens

The latest development update for Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point shares a good number of screenshots and pieces of concept art, while telling us a few things about the upcoming game’s Havens that you’ll be able to defend, attack, and infiltrate. Check out the update for some additional info, but here are a few sample paragraphs:

Havens are one of the largest and most important design elements in Phoenix Point.

Havens are the last remaining “safe havens” for humanity after The Mist started to roll inland from the sea. Usually built in mountains and other high areas above the reach of The Mist, these Havens are where the major factions call home and operate from.Throughout the game, many battles will take place in the NPC Havens of New Jericho, Synedrion and The Disciples of Anu. You will help to defend them from enemy incursions, set up forward operation bases and even infiltrate and steal from them. In addition, there will also be Havens that are independent from these factions. A major consideration for the design team has been to make each faction’s Havens look unique.

Each of the factions and the independent Havens will have their own unique look and style. You will be able to tell who the structure belongs to from the design of the buildings, the colour scheme and the items and furniture that populate them.

Each Haven is further broken down into different zones, each with their own unique buildings and props. Our current Backer Build for example uses the New Jericho Industrial zone. There will also be things such as Residential, Food Production, Military and so on.


As you can see in the above image, we have some buildings that are much larger than those in the current Backer Build. One of the factors that really added to the tension of the original X-Com UFO Defence, Terror from the Deep and X-Com Apocalypse was indoor fighting. Tight, twisting corridors with multiple floors, doors and side-rooms. Plenty of places for things to hide and ambush you from. Phoenix Point is no exception. We are also designing many structures that can be fought in as well as on (they will also be completely destructible).

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