Phoenix Point Backer Build Three Announced

A new announcement on the official Phoenix Point website informs us that the next backer build for the X-Com inspired game is on its way and should be arriving in early November. Why so late? Because the developers at Snapshot Games plan to introduce the strategic Geoscape layer to the backer preview version by then. Here’s Julian Gollop with some additional details:

A bit on that:

Since the first Backer Build of Phoenix Point was delivered, we’ve had fantastic feedback and reactions from our backers.

With the second release, we introduced vehicles and a new character class.

With Backer Build Three we want to take a major leap forward. We’re going to be adding the Geoscape strategic element of the game.


As adding the Geoscape and associated mechanics is such a large step in the development, it will take us a little longer to do than the usual Backer Build release schedule allows.

You can expect Backer Build Three to be available at the start of November. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results.

You can also check out Phoenix Point’s new and shiny development roadmap.

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